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foto - "Showroom"


Modra kreativ KR 5 27. May 2010

In Modra on Moyzesova No.9 You can see our exhibition hall, where you can see some of our models of tile stoves. For example, there is a tiled stove “creative” with heated bench.

foto - "Showroom"


Modra 15. March 2009

A few other tiled stoves in the showroom at Moyzesova No.9 in Modra. Come and see for yourself the quality of our work…

foto - "Family House"

Family House

Reca modern MF 7 10. November 2007

Tile stove was built by traditional methods using only natural materials. Tiles are manufactured according to client requirements and design of tiled stoves were made in our design. In the manufacture of tiled stoves were used in polished stainless steel door with glass.

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